Lil Kim plastic surgery : Truth Revealed

Lil Kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim plastic surgery – The face of Lil’ Kim looked a little different when she made an appearance at the 97’s annual summer jam which took place at the MetLife Stadium. She was dressed in a leather and fur coat and was wearing red lipstick. Everyone began to question if Lil’ Kim has under gone a plastic surgery. This became the most popular humor amongst the media. The change in her face was very easy to recognize. The lips became over plum, the nose became smaller, a higher cheek bone was noticed and the eyebrow very heavily lined. Lil’ Kim whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones never accepted the face that she has gone under a plastic surgery. The rumors very strongly criticized by her and she also claimed that the photos on the web were being tampered with and Photoshop was being used. Nobody can deny the fact the thirty eight year old celebrity has become much more beautiful and younger than earlier. Her skin is very smooth and it makes her look as if she is in the beginning of her 20’s. Her surgery has been one of the most popular topics among the fans and the celebrity watchers.

Lil Kim plastic surgery ?

She always claimed that she has gone for some cosmetic operations to live up to the expectation of the people who like her and follow her. Many of the celebrities go through such operations so that they can fight with the signs of aging but when they are questioned about it they never accept that they have went for any sought of cosmetic surgery. She has been very fashionable and attractive from the very beginning and there are many people who question her sudden physical transformation.

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is concerned with the correction or restoration of any sort of function and form. It is a medical specialty which is done through cosmetic surgery but plastic surgery is not always cosmetic. Plastic surgery can treat skin burns etc. plastic surgery has two branches, which are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery is a specialized branch of cosmetic surgery. Basically it involves the betterment and improvement of the looks of the person who is undergoing the procedure.  It includes many types of surgeries such as micro-surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery and craniofacial surgery. Sir Harold Gillies is the father of modern plastic surgery. In plastic surgery a technique called skin grafting is done, with careful planning with the help of experts good results can be expected. In United States, in the year 2007, nearly 12 million plastic surgeries were performed. The most common plastic surgeries are

  1. Liposuction
  2. Skin rejuvenation with the help of laser
  3. Cheek augmentation
  4. Browplasy
  5. Autopasty
  6. Chemichal peel
  7. Buttock augmentation
  8. Breast augmentation
  9. Keloid removal
  10. Labia plasy

Before going through such surgeries you should think twice as there are chances that you may not get the results as you expect. If you have finally decided to o under knife, always consider a doctor who is well reputed and has few a years of experience.

Did she actually undergo through surgery?

Lil’ Kim might deny the operation but when we look at her face it becomes very clear that she has definitely done something unnatural with her face because she looks so much younger and brighter than before. Her face has lost the stress line and wrinkles. This was done by her so that she could stop the clock of ageing for some time. She has been very fashionable and attractive from the very beginning and there are many people who question her sudden physical transformation. And the general answer to this question is that she may have taken plastic surgery. Most of her fans believe this because the way she looks now would never have been possible without the help of plastic surgery. People vary in their opinions but the widely accepted view is that Lil’ Kim has had many changes from breast implants and brow lifting to skin whitening and is also said to have taken lip injections. A change in her nose was also noticed which make to conclude that she has also went through a nose job. There is sure evidence of breast implants because when a woman looses weight, breast is also reduced because it is a fat tissue which has definitely not happened in the case of Lil’ Kim. Even after losing so much weight, her breast looks same in size. This makes us conclude that Lil’ Kim has definitely gone through plastic surgery.

Does she accept it?

Lil’ Kim hasn’t made a big issue out of the plastic surgery she has taken and even the doctors who are involved did not come forward to give any sort of information. She might deny the change but no magical camera angles or expensive clothes which could make her look the way she looks now. The changes are very prominent.  Many people question if going through a plastic surgery was a bad choice for Lil’ Kim.

The main goal of a plastic surgery is to make changes in the looks of a person in a good way which is very true In the case of Lil’ Kim. But many people have noticed that she might not be very comfortable with the changes that have taken in place on her face and in her body. Lil’ Kim used to very beautiful before also and sometimes it gives us an impression of a plastic surgery that has gone wrong. Sometimes her cheeks look like that of a bow fish and her nose looks like it has been whittled down. The makeover which was supposed to turn her to a beautiful woman turned out to be an “extreme makeover”. The basic goal of a plastic surgery is to make some improvement in the looks of a person, but in Lil’ Kim’s case her image has been changed completely.

What surgeons say?

Many surgeons say that Lil’ Kim has become a mess now. Her surgery has turned her into a different person. Her nose surgery has thinned her nose. It also seems that she has taken fillers injections also. Her body has become too curvy. Her body appearance is a serious issue of concern for the surgeons. She has body image problem. But the truth is that you don’t need a degree of a surgeon to figure that out. People say that Lil’ Kim is a surgery addict. Her butt looks huge and it also seems that she has taken fat injections in order to make her hips look big.


Lil’ Kim has had a very bad history with plastic surgeries. There is not much left on her body that has not been tampered by a plastic surgeon. The series of plastic surgery began with a nose job and it has been continuing ever since.  She no longer looks like her original self. She has lost her original look. She has gone through plastic surgeries so many times. The bridge of her nose has completely disappeared into her skull. It should also be mentioned that she wears contact lenses to change the color of her eyes and to add another element to the transformation process. In her struggle for perfection, she has damaged her face and body. We won’t be wrong in saying that she looks like an Asian now. There was a time when Lil’ Kim used to be in headlines for her dynamic outfits but now the only reason she makes it to the headlines is because of the blunders she make with the choice of her plastic surgeries and how she has become a plastic surgery addict and how she has destroyed her face and body.

There are many people who consider calling her face “her face” because it is nothing that she started with. What she has is completely different then what she had.

Lil Kim before and after the plastic surgery, facelift, nose job and Botox

Lil’ easily makes it to the list of celebrities who have had a bad plastic surgery. From her appearance it is very obvious that she has taken Botox injections, had a face lift and has gone through a nose job. There was a blog written that she has got some face changes done. This made her furious and her agent even went mad on the media. In the 90’s she went under a nose job and this made her nose thin. When you look at her earlier picture and then you look at her face now, it is impossible for you to say that she has no Botox injected. She always puts crazy mascara on and has dyed her hair blonde. It was acceptable when Lil’ Kim went through a plastic surgery once, but her process of going under the knife has shocked many people. She has contoured eyes now. From her smile, it appears that she is more than happy with her new look. That for : Lil Kim plastic surgery


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Plastic surgery Los Angeles- with some good surgeons and new techniques

How to choose a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery Los Angeles – Undergoing a plastic surgery is a very difficult decision. Once, you are sure of undergoing a plastic surgery, make sure you choose a reputed and experienced surgeon. He should be qualified to perform the procedure and also capable to understand the particular circumstances of your case. He should tell you all the realistic aspects and outcome of the results of the procedure. You should look for plastic surgeons who is board certified and who should have received training, surgical instruction and experience in the procedure you want. For selecting a plastic surgeon, you should search in the following ways:

  • Visit your local hospital and talk to the surgical nurses that keep doing such procedures you are going to be done. The nurses take care to the end of the results of the plastic surgeries.
  • Contact your family physician. He can probably be able to point you in the right direction as he/she might be in contact with all types of healthcare professionals.
  • You can always talk to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, as they might be able to tell you about the results if they have seen or experienced one of those.
  • You can contact your city, county or state medical agencies for names of qualified plastic surgeons. You can ask for referrals from the medical associations as many of those are listed in that book.

Dr. Grant Stevens

Dr. Grant Stevens is an excellent board-certified plastic surgeon of Los Angeles. He is a member of various committees and is the co-director and clinical professor.  He is listed as one of the best plastic surgeon in America and has been an invited visiting professor and various universities. He was also recommended by his companions that made this perception mainly rewarding and prestigious.

 Dr. Michelle Spring

Dr. Michelle Spring is a board certified plastic surgeon working in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, practicing in cosmetic surgery. Before she joined the Marina plastic surgery team, she traveled for one year to Bolivia, China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Taiwan, Peru and Ecuador to give humanitarian relief as an interplast Webster fellow. After she completed her fellowship and residency, she practiced as a faculty member and helped to train the residents in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. She is known for her great patient care and the excellent surgical skills.

Dr. Luis H. Macias

Dr. Luis H. Macias is a well reputed plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field of complex and aesthetic reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Macias did his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery and then did his fellowship in micro vascular reconstructive surgery. He also did his training in cosmetic surgery under the guidance of Dr. Stevens.

Plastic surgery at Los Angeles

Here is a list of all the good plastic surgeons near and in Los Angeles. They are: Gabriel Chiu Jr, Harold Rosenfeld, Barbara J Gitlitz, Joan F Wright, David S Chang, John E Gross, Susan E Downey, Arkady B Kagan, Jonathan D Shifren, Peter G Lee, Michael A Burnstine, Linda J Li, Kasper S Wang, and Mark M Oyama.

New surgical procedures

Robotic surgery

This is a new and promising type of surgery. It acts as an assistant to the surgeons in performing the intricate and delicate surgeries. The robotic surgeons need a well trained human surgeon to work with them and the input instructions are given with the help of voice notes and some computer interfaces. The medical field has introduced this technology because they offer unusual control and exact performing surgical procedures. The robotics helps in decreasing the weakness that the surgeons suffer at the time of long and tiresome operations. After the surgeons work for a long time continuously, their hand starts experiencing twitching, tremors and shaking. So, robotics eliminates this suffering by the medical arm keeping steady.

The first robotic system was approved by the Food and Drug Administration that is permitted to be used in operating rooms in America. It is assumed that this robotic technology can be used in more three million surgical procedures each year. As soon as this technology affiances, this instrument can become a common one in operating rooms all over the country.

Laser surgery

The lasers were refined in the mid 60s for industrial applications. It emitted a boom of light and was non-specific in its effects on tissue. During its first 20 years, the lasers were used in the medical field and were very limited. In the early 80s, there was development of lasers that emitted pulses of light. Because of this development, the use of lasers in medical applications became due to its decisive and impressive results of the new technology. Now, it has become very popular in the surgical procedures. The lasers are used to vaporize, consolidate, cut   and remove tissue. It used in open and laparoscopic procedures, and also for, hernia repair, solid organ surgery, breast surgery, bowel resection, gallbladder removal, hemorrhoidectomy and pilonidal cyst. Today, dermatologists use lasers for many medical applications that include: stretch marks, birthmarks removal, unwanted hair, scar elimination, benign skin growths, enlarged blood vessels, tattoo removal.

Ophthalmologists use lasers more often. The excimer laser is used to give a good shape to the cornea and helps the eye to focus properly. The laser vision correction is used to make corrections for the nearsightedness, even astigmatism and farsightedness. These days, the retina specialists are using lasers for the treatment of Macular Degeneration. Glaucoma and other diseases that cause pressure on the eyes are also treated with lasers. Te urologists utilize lasers in for the treatment of diseases that affect the genital and urinary systems. Some common diseases treated are urinary stones, obstructions, warts, tract disorders, tumors and urothelial tumors. The podiatrists are using lasers for the treatment of deformed nails, skin fissures, fungal nails, ingrown nails, plantar waters, certain types of cysts and other conditions. This information could be helpful to you.


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Plastic surgery marketing roles

Plastic surgery marketing

Plastic surgery marketing – Plastic surgery is a medical process of correcting or changing (as desired) skin or more appropriately any part of the body or face.


The oldest known plastic surgery or treatment was in Egypt, repair of a nose in somewhat 3000 to 2500 BC. In India , these techniques came around 800 BC. Sushruta and Charka were physicians whose medical works in Sanskrit were a great contribution in the field of cataract and plastic surgery in India.Durind 750 AD these works were translated to Arabic. Gradually the knowledge through these works was spread to Italy and many other countries.

Numerous British physicians came to India to learn how to perform rhinoplasties by indigenous methods.

The Romans also took active part in plastic cosmetic surgery around 1st century BC. They began with simple surgeries, like those for ears. They adopted procedures of their ancestors as they did not want to indulge in dissection or cutting of humans for their faith in God forbade them.

Heinrich von Pfolspeundt of Europe developed a process demonstrating how to make a new nose by removing skin from arm and suturing it in the required place. However, the surgeries were performed rarely because of the associated dangers to a person’s head or face or any other body part.

The surgeries involved severe pain for the patients undergoing surgery, until the invention of anesthesia. Another risk was spread of infection resulting from surgery which was later overcome by antibiotics, penicillin, disinfectants and sterile methods. These inventions proved a great helping hand in helping plastic surgeries gain popularity.

In 1793, François Chopart performed a surgery on a lip using a layer of skin from the neck. After various surgeons and physicians performed some successful operations, plastic surgery gained popularity by leaps and bounds.

The first American plastic surgeon was John Peter Métier.

  1. 1.     Marketing


The action or procedure of advertising or promoting the value of products, goods or services, to increase their sale by process of market research and advertisements is known as marketing.

The four elements  of marketing, called the 4 P’s of marketing are :( 1) Selecting, identifying and developing a product,

(2) Fixing the price of product

(3) Choosing a means of distribution to make the product reach the customer’s place

(4) Developing and implementing a  strategy for promotion of the product by studying the market scenario deeply and using means of advertisements.


Marketing is a method and a sequence of processes for creating, delivering and communicating value to customers, and customer relationship management that also benefits the organization. Marketing is the science of choosing target markets through market analysis and market segmentation, as well as understanding consumer behavior and providing superior customer value. From the point of view of society, marketing is the relationship between a society’s economic patterns of response and the material requirements. Marketing gratifies these wants and needs through the building of long term relationships and exchange processes.

Marketing Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a creative business option which has made an extensive competitive industry. Cosmetic or Plastic surgeries are becoming a common means to correct any irregularities in any body part or to achieve a desired shape and size for any part. Plastic surgery patients have infinite choices to make now, from getting pouted lips to thin lips to nose shaping to plumping cheeks to deepening dimples to anything.

Plastic Surgery marketing

Marketing tricks need to change with time. They need to advance with the masses and technology. People change, their mentality changes, their tastes change due to advancement in media and technology. Therefore, marketing techniques for plastic or cosmetic surgeons need to be strategic

Marketing Plastic Surgeons Must Define Preferred Patient

You should aim the strategies at those groups of people who will utilize these technologies and resources rather than wasting them on masses that don’t bother about them for instance, film industry and models are perfect people for these. We should procure to the favored cosmetic surgery patients. This is necessary as it saves the advertisement resources from being wasted on people who don’t procure the. Only a particular number of the people will go for treatments, products or procedures for cosmetic enhancement. By spending money and resources on the right people, you’ll be making more money. You will not be wasting your time, effort or money.

Marketing Plastic Surgeons Start with Current Patients

When your strategies reach to the public, begin with your present cosmetic surgery patients, they already trust and know you. Therefore, they are a good medium to attract more clients. They will prove much more helpful to your marketing efforts. So practice these strategies to inter-promote treatments and procedures and convince present patients to fetch more clients

Marketing with newsletter

Patients are more interested when you give them regular updates of new technologies and treatments in the field of cosmetics so do send a weekly or monthly newsletter to your patients to familiarize them with the latest techniques.

Marketing Plastic Surgeons Use Patient Postcards

Sending postcards to patients is an easy and cost-effective way to be in contact with your patients.  Organize events and invite them to these events, describe them new techniques and procedures and provide them with special offers so they can’t resist and call you soon to visit your clinic.

Patient Email Marketing

Electronic mail marketing is comparatively the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to be in touch with your patients.  Think of some innovative, fun, informative and eye catching advertisements and always have special offers for your regular clients with a fixed finishing date so that patients respond as soon as possible.


Send a good, attractive designer message with a highlighted special offer that can be sent through mail periodically to your patient’s database regularly.

Word-of-mouth Referral Program

Provide some incentives for those patients who refer their near and dear ones to you. The best feedbacks will come from those clients of cosmetic surgery who were cured properly and got best desired results .Always express gratitude to them by contacting them personally.


Tracking Results


See that your employees ask every new patient about how they know about you. You can also publish your ads or have coupons or have separate phone numbers for your plastic surgery patients whom they present for the special price you had earlier mentioned in their patient newsletter, patient email or patient postcard.  This way you can help to market plastic surgery in most effective and efficient manner.


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Plastic surgery clinics- Now making a better choice is much easier

Plastic surgery clinics

What is plastic surgery? : An Insight

Plastic surgery one of the medical specialties that helps in reducing  scarring or  disfigurement caused by accidents , birth defects or treatment for diseases like melanoma. Many plastic surgeons also perform cosmetic surgeries, other than the medical conditions, to aesthetically enhance their body and face.

Mostly, aesthetic or plastic surgery is the best known type of plastic surgery but most plastic surgeries are not cosmetic. It includes many types of microsurgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery and the treatment of burns. The typical cosmetic surgery procedures include face lift (cosmetic surgery that tightens the facial tissues), blepharoplasty (cosmetic surgery for the eyelids), rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery for the nose) and breast augmentation.

The top 10 cities in the US  that undergo these plastic surgery procedures are Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, san Francisco, Sacramento, Baltimore, Nashville, Louisville, Seattle and Washington.

Best plastic surgeons in the world

Dr. J.  Juri

Dr. J.  Juri is a famous plastic surgeon from Argentina. He is the director and founder of the well established juri clinic of plastic surgery. His patients appreciate him for his flexibility and easy adaptation to their requirements. He is a skilful doctor in many types of the plastic surgery procedures and has performed more than 10000 rhinoplasty procedures, mainly specializing in the breast augmentation procedure that has become very popular these days.

Dr. Des Fernandez

Dr. Des Fernandez studied in Witwatersrand University, prior to which he became a fellow in a College of Surgeons. He got his training in cardio-thoracic surgery and went back to Cape Town also a part of Prof. Christiaan Barnard’s team that did a tremendous job of a double heart transplant for the first time in the world. He then switched over to the field of plastic surgery in 1980, under the guidance of a doctor who willingly showed him the depth of plastic and cosmetic surgery, namely Dr. D. Davies. He started a technique that was used for face-lifting known as suture suspension. This technique was used to reduce the scarring and to restoring the dropped tissues.

Dr. Olivier Henry de Frahan

Dr. Olivier Henry de Frahan is a French plastic surgeon practicing in France and England both.  He is specializing in the cosmetic surgery procedures, mainly in lipostructure, fillers and Botox. He is famous for the natural-looking results of the procedures, mainly in facelifts and eyelids. He supports the restoration of volume while performing his cosmetic surgeries as it helps to rejuvenate the face in an even more holistic way.

Dr. Sydney Coleman

Dr. Sydney Coleman graduated from the Texas University.  After being a resident and serving as an intern at a hospital in New Orleans, he went to San Francisco to complete his residency in plastic surgery. He also studied craniofacial and aesthetic surgery in Mexico under the guidance of Dr. Ortiz-Monastario, before doing his fellowship in microsurgery in San Francisco. He is known for inventing the technique named lipostructure. It is used in fat-grafting and is designed such that to revive the glow of delicate skin. Apart from enhancing a person’s natural beauty, it also corrects several deformities such as scaring caused by acne or by other medical treatments.

Dr. Woffles Wu Tze Liang

Dr. Woffles is a reputed and an expert plastic surgeon. He spent his childhood in London before he along with his family came back to Singapore when he was 12 years old. He got his medical degree from a university in Singapore and practiced as a doctor of infants, pediatrician in the 1980s. He transferred to the Singapore general hospital in 1989 where he worked for 12 years as a plastic surgeon. He then started practicing in a private medical center. He invented the process of facial rejuvenation, known as woffles lift.

Dr. Raj Kanodia

Dr. Raj kanodia is a famous plastic surgeon known for combining advanced medical training and skills with the organic principles of Ayurveda, which he learnt while growing up in India. He is especially known to conduct proper consultations before the commencement of the surgery. He specializes in rhinoplasty and believes in refinement and enhancement of the nose rather than reshaping it. He supports a skincare brand, Ayurmedic, that combines herbs and anti-aging compounds.

Some reputed plastic surgery clinics in the US

When you know all about the process, it is the time for you to choose a proper plastic surgery clinic. Some well known clinics in the US are as follows:

  1. 1.     Vanity cosmetic surgery center

It is an affordable cosmetic surgery center in Miami.

  1. 2.     Moses plastic surgery

It has a complete program to satisfy people who are not satisfied with their looks. Dr. Moses and his team help you to help you achieve the natural looking plastic surgery results that you desire. On your first visit to the clinic, Dr. Moses talks to you regarding your priorities, wants and concerns. They completely satisfy you and give good results.

  1. 3.     Cosmetic surgery of Las Vegas

This works under dr. pancholi who is an expert and skilled in artistry that helps you to release your true beauty with the treatment plans that are designed such that it achieves the best and most natural result.

  1. 4.     La Jolla cosmetic surgery centre

LJCSC is a popular cosmetic surgery center that was established in just the beginning of commencement of this surgery in the country. It has been practicing in some cosmetic procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, injectables and more for more than two decades. It gives the patients excellent care under the guidance of many doctors and specialists.

  1. 5.     Hubbard plastic surgery and skin enhancement

This plastic surgery center provides the latest techniques in Virginia Beach under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Hubbard. Throughout the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and norfolkcommunities he is known for his caring staff and as a dedicated plastic surgeon. He is especially famous for his precise approach for procedures like rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and facelift.



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Korean Plastic Surgery at a Glance

Korean Plastic Surgery

Korea has been on the top of countries freely practicing plastic surgery. Korean plastic surgery has been like a common thing in the country as it is not something that people tend to be ashamed of. In fact, asking persons about the surgery will never hurt them as it comes too casual like asking for the brand of clothes they are wearing.

As the years pass, Korean plastic surgery has been common as it comes to be an affordable operation open to all. It has become cheaper too which has put it on the main stream. And as Korean doctors practice this operation more and more, plastic surgery has become better and even safer.

It is said that the common surgeries that Koreans tend to take are eyelid and nose lengthening surgeries. Naturally, Koreans are born with smaller eyes. This has probably brought the need for them to have eyelid surgeries to be regarded as different. Psychologically, people always think that what others have are far better than what they are born with which explains the buzz.

Koreans also have a way of thinking that a good face would provide them with better career opportunities. A pleasant face is said to give them the advantage of having an edge compared to other applicants. In fact, as early as high school days, a person already has the idea of the surgery to get through with.

Koreans’ perfect picture of beauty is a body having light skin, tiny nose, wide eyes, double lids, small face and v-shaped chin. Though these features may also be found in faces of Koreans, not all of it is present in one single face which calls for a need to undergo surgery to achieve.

If you come to observe, Koreans appearing on television seem to have perfect faces. This is because some of these people have undergone surgery at one point in their lives. Even some celebrities would claim having these surgeries done. Plastic surgery is like a basic thing to undergo in order to stay in the business. Though controversies are thrown to them by those who do not embrace the procedure, still it has become one of the basics in becoming beautiful and staying on the spotlight.

Not only girls are obsessed with Korean plastic surgery. In Korea, men are also undergoing such surgeries to get the ideal look that they would prefer to have. If you come to see the before and after photos you will then see the drastic difference. Like with women, the purpose is the same – to give those better career opportunities as they bear a pleasant face people will surely love.

The idea of beauty is different from one place to another. Even the acceptance of plastic surgery is also different in certain countries. However, in Korea, it is widely acceptable. The age bracket of those who undergo Korean plastic surgery has lowered too as it is believed that the earlier the surgery is done, the more it will appear natural as the person ages. Yet, no one could really take this to question as this has come to be a part of their culture.


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